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El Encuarnedor

Brilliant. I have been for many years a jam first man. But I think you have me convinced and I will try it out next time I visit the West Country. A matter for debate....does it really taste the same outside Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset?

As for the tea...I suggest that from Ceylon is also permitted.

And as a matter of style - you should not keep being afraid of your opinions. Just tell us like it is.


Words cannot convey how wrong jam first it. I am disappointed it is even considered. Otherwise I agreed whole heartedly - apart from strawberry, raspberry just pips it to the post

Michael W

So, the thing is jam has to go first because

a) it has a firmer consistency than cream.
b) it should be present on the scone in more volume than jam, added in but a thin layer.

The net result of this is that spreading a thin layer of cream on a thick layer of cream is needlessly difficult unless you happen to have the confiture in some kind of spray gun. Without this, you may as well try and coat a cloud in pitch.

Michael W

there should be more cream than jam I failed to say


It's the easiest thing in the world to spread a thin thing (jam) on a thick thing (cream). More difficult the other way round, I would have thought.

Plus, see above, the cream MUST be very thick and the jam SHOULD be homemade and not too thick at all. See illustration b, where you will note the cream forms higher and stiffer peaks than the jam, evidencing its denser consistency.

Note also, if you will, as clinching evidence, illustrations b, where the jam sits nicely atop the cream, and c, where an attempt to spread the latter on the former results in some mixing and a horrid, hybridised and, frankly, unholy pink mess.

Michael W

I'm taking it to Facebook and I'm sure the servers will crash with all comments from the jam-ante-cream league! Well, my sister will reply anyway.

Michael Willoughby

I already have three spirited advocates of jam first on my profile, so this is not settled. I can't you've created another problem to think about in addition to the "milk or tea first?" and "which way round does the toilet roll go?" ones.
I'm not so naive these days that I think the Queen can decide them all.


i feel i could live on scones/cream/jam alone. i think the scones we get here are far inferior, and also the snobbish women who have never worked call them sconces. when i worked in the coffee shop after school, i would invariably try to wrestle one off the wall, but had no luck.
oolong does quite well, i find.


oolong is also one of the finest words known to humanity

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