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Great review! Very entertaining; those other diners sound like a nightmare, but I'm glad that they couldn't completely spoil your evening.

I kind of agree with what you're saying though, and I often get the feeling that if I were to buy steaks from the Ginger Pig, it'd save a lot of money. Then I realise that going to a place like this and getting the steak cooked on their grill is one of the joys of the place, and the sides (not tried the mac and cheese) and drinks are also very enjoyable.

Four quid for a sweet potato though, oy vey!


Thanks for the compliment - nice blog yourself! I've bookmarked it - looks like it could come in handy as I work close-ish to King's. Off to the India Club Strand Continental tonight, which I'll write up.

Also note the tip re Hawksmoor brunch - must try. The bone marrow looks splendid.


Rump always tastes better. Steak restaurants seem strangely prone to overcrowding the one near me has queues round the block from before opening time...


Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the post, and so sorry that you had to sit next to people who ruined your meal. Will be sitting down with the manager today to talk about whether they should have been asked to leave (or at least keep it down!). Do you have a view?

Also in regard to the general noise level this is something we're looking into at the moment, but next time if you ask for a quiet table the are in the back is generally quieter and we don't play music at the moment there.

Thanks again for the feedback,

Will (Hawksmoor_


Hi Will - in fact, they weren't being very loud, but the tables were very close so one can't help but hear people having a row and commenting on you. The waiting staff can't be expected to babysit so no, not the restaurant's fault (apart from the closely spaced tables).
We were in fact in the back room, and I do think the noise was too much.
But like I say, great steaks. I'm planning to pop over again to try out the brunch menu this weekend - I expect it'll be quieter.

Michael Willoughby

I definitely think Debs deserves a free meal, Will. For two. Ahem.
Seriously, I bet Debs will get a reviewing gig soon and she'll remember you. She has a long memory.


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