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I've been hearing plenty of good things about Hawksmoor lately as well as noticing a lot of FourSquare tweets from friends and foodies visiting and even re-visiting for the 4th or so time.

Hawksmoor are clearly doing 'something' right and definitely, as you said, a good sign with them asking for customer feedback on ideas.

I've yet to visit but I'm intending to try the fillet steak and blue cheese sauce. I hope it lives up to my high expectations and I'm sure it will.

boudin rouge

I think they should try doing the milkshake with a slice of black pudding on top of it!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely loved their steak when I went for dinner. It was the nicest thing (never mind steak, nicest of anything) I've ever eaten.

I'm not sure I'd go for brunch - sounds a bit full-on for me.

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