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There may be a clue as to why there is a "scarcity of German eateries in London" in that picture of weisswurst - bland - anaemic even - and boring. I went to a restaurant in a small southern German town recently and the only thing that sounded vaguely appetising was a wurst salad. It turned out to be a huge pile of shredded luncheonmeat drowned in vinegar and sporting, as "salad" a solitary gherkin.
HOWEVER, where can I buy fresh German bread? This they REALLY know how to do..........


The German deli opposite Neal's Yard does bread but I've only tasted their pretzel rolls so far

But I must leap to the defence of weisswurst - a delicately flavoured morning sausage, slightly reminiscent of mortadella and white pudding - and if it's too bland, have some more senf!


Umm, OBViously it's Fran Katzenjammer from Black Books. I envy anyone who needed Google for that; they have a really good weekend ahead of them that I'll never have again.


EXCELLENT! I'll email you to arrange prizes …


I heartily recommend Zeigeist down Black Prince Road near the Albert Embankment.


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