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Do bits of rice fall everywhere when you try and eat it?


No not really, because there's so much tomato-esque gunk in there.

If anyone sees the lasagne sandwich, get me one! There's no limit to my gross-out capacity …


Presumably you'll be trying the lasagna sandwich next (the "lasandwich" if you must) or is that now passé?


I really want to try it but can't find it in any of the Tescos I've passed. I will continue the quest, tireless in my pursuit of lasandwichery …


Oh god, that looks amazingly vile. Who's behind this atrocity? Who are the brains in the Tesco sandwich R&D dept? I just might email this to my Valencian father in law... :D

Supra Skytop



hey, brits, with all due respect ... you should really learn to eat.

first of all, you never ever want to make a sandwich with rice. when eating paella, you don't even want bread on the table at all! for fucks sake!

besides, none of the several hundredths of paella styles would have ever chorizo in it. the guy that came up with this is a complete idiot.

besides, just from the pics you can clearly tell that this is the lowest quality of chorizo you can possibly find, not worth eating with bread, maybe not even worth to spice up a humble stew (but if you're desperate be my guest). you guys got your tongues cut or what?

besides, there's no such thing as "sun dried bread". unless you believe in unicorns too. no, not even with tomato. if you want "pà amb tomàquet" i'll praise your good taste, but then simply get yourself regular *toasted" white bread and rub a *fresh* tomato on it, plus a shot of olive oil. period. that's it. that you can indeed cover with some fine quality chorizo for great joy. but holy fuck this has *nothing* to do with paella!!!

stop eating this shit. this will make you sick, apart from making you look like complete helpless idiots.

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