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I love the idea of having black pudding for dinner. I thought it was only ever served as a breakfast food - a decadent one at that. Actually, I do need to know how to cook potatoes as there are so many varieties in the UK. I never know if the skin on my new potatoes is meant to lift, nor do I know which variety to use for jacket potatoes. Lovely blog post. Makes me hungry for black pudding and a roaring fire.


You've almost reconciled me to autumn. I look forward to your making me feel good about the winter......

El Encuadernador - ahora para El Papa

Brilliant....couldn't agree more. Where did your husband shoot the deer. Regents Park? Richmond Park?....there are more than enough there.

And I hope the black pudding was Morcilla de Burgos and not that boring ehnglis stuff.

For your autumn theme this is a brillaint year for fungi...again plenty of parasols in Richmond Park...so many that we are drying them. ALso a good year for ceps.


Have you thought of using black pudding as the basis for a starter course?
Instead of leaving it as large slices, cut into chunks and pan-fry with chopped bacon and onion. Towards the end (about six minutes) throw in some cubed, strongly-flavoured cheese such as ricotta or even a blue, but only for a minute so that the cheese warms.
Serve on a bed of rocket, ensuring that all of the juices go onto the plates.
This also makes a tasty lunch with a selection of salads and some crusty bread.


The salad sounds scrumptious (three types of protein makes anything a winner).

I do worry about serving black pudding to friends, but then again, one could say 'why be friends with people who don't like black pudding?' It also sounds so delicious I might have to enter Debbie-doesn't-share-food mode.

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