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Do you know what? I actually like pot noodles. Honestly. I think they're delicious. And I've nothing against a doner kebab. But...



Someone got PAID to come up with that. A team of Flavour Operatives (or something) spent part of their lives developing it. Then some poor unfortunate Marketing department got foisted with it - unless Unilever has just one department for Marketing and Product Development, in which case it was their own fault.

All of this implies that they're honestly expecting people to buy them.



This product is featured in today's Observer Food Magazine with no comment except from a Unilever spokesman who describes it as "the ultimate man-food snack." Two points arise: 1. Perhaps Mr DDD should be made to test this claim. 2. What is the Observer doing? Why not take on DDD herself and really inform and entertain about food.

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